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"Fit, Fab, Forty, and Beyond: Your Journey Starts Here"

Gold Coast
Women's Fitness Trainer

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Based on the Gold Coast, Deb Ellaway Fitness is dedicated to running fun and inclusive women's fitness classes.


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Fit Start 8

8 Week Beginners Fitness Journey online

What our clients are saying

5 Star Trusted Reviews

If you are looking for a personal trainer who is truly dedicated, passionate to see you achieve your goals, understands when life gets in the way and actually makes the workouts work for YOU, Deb is the person to talk to. She has the unique ability to modify each and every exercise, so whether you haven’t exercised for a while or whether you are well on your way to conquering your goals, her classes are never “one size fits all”. So many PTs just turn up, go through the motions and treat you like just another person to deal with. Deb is warm, is interested in her clients overall well-being and a person who will inspire you to just be better version of you. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Liz 

Tying Shoelace

Benefits of postpartum exercise

Why exercise can help you after 40

✔️ Weight Management:​ Metabolism tends to slow down with age, making weight management more challenging. Regular exercise helps burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

 ✔️ Hormonal Balance:​ Exercise may help regulate hormonal changes associated with menopause, potentially alleviating symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings.

✔️ Mental Health: Regular physical activity has been linked to improved mood and reduced risk of depression and anxiety. It also enhances cognitive function and may reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

I'm pregnant, should I exercise?

YES! During pregnancy, exercise can...

   •    Reduce backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling

   •    Boost your mood and energy levels

   •    Help you sleep better

   •    Prevent excess weight gain

   •    Promote muscle tone, strength and endurance

Pregnant Yoga Gold Coast
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