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Personal Training

I didn’t mean to get so off track but…life...

My Personal Training supports busy women over 40 to reach
their full potential and live their best life


  • I am frustrated, I feel uncomfortable in my skin, my clothes are tight and I can’t believe what I see in the mirror.


  • I want to lose weight and start shopping back in my own wardrobe!


  • I am ready to be confident, and live my life to the full!


  • I want improve my mental health and be happy


  • I am worried about getting started, I used to crush it, but now I’m scared I won’t keep up.


  • I want to love my body, but don’t know how.

  • I am annoyed that is this part of my life out of my control.

  • I want to show the world that being fabulous has nothing to do with age.


  • I struggle with staying consistent, I need accountability (with a plan that works)


Deb Ellaway women's personal trainer at Body Beyond 40

PT Sessions Include

Private Studio or In Home Sessions

24/7 Support

We can train you anywhere that suits you, and it’s fine to mix and match your location depending on the weather or your work. 


Or if you’d prefer, come to my Benowa Training Studio. You’ll get the benefits of free weight equipment, in a quiet and relaxed environment.

Start on a fitness journey with the assurance that support is just a click or phone call away.
My commitment to your well-being goes beyond the training sessions. I offer 24/7 support to make your fitness experience seamless and stress-free.

You deserve the highest level of support, and I work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with me, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. 

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

I believe in a holistic approach to health.
My commitment goes beyond physical fitness; I am dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being through personalised diet and lifestyle guidance.
I am passionate about sharing the nutritional needs of women over 40. 

Goal Setting & Tracking

Work closely with me to set realistic and achievable fitness goals. I  understand that each woman's journey is unique; whether you aim for weight loss, improved flexibility, or increased energy levels, I tailor objectives to your personal preferences.
All sessions include a complimentary consultation so I can get to know you and your needs.

Why Choose me?

✔️ I am a fully qualified personal trainer

✔️ I am kind, friendly and supportive

✔️ Sessions are private at your place or mine

✔️ I am punctual and reliable

✔️ I will listen to you and guide you to reaching your goals

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Deb Ellaway personal trainer at Body Beyond 40 Gold Coast


A tailored program to suit YOU. Target the areas you want to change and increase your fitness level out of sight.


Coach, motivator, technician and friend, I focus solely on YOU during your session to help you achieve the health and fitness levels you desire


Nothing beats feeling physically strong as a woman. We’ve helped hundreds of women gain their confidence & strength back through exercise. Get the support, get the results.

How to get started:

It's Simple:

  1. Get in touch via the online form, I will give you a call (5 mins) and book you in for a Health Consult at my Benowa Studio.

  2. Come along to your Health Consult (30 mins) we find out where you are at, set goals and start planning your program. We book you in for your Initial 1-1 Coaching Session.

  3. Come along to your initial 1-1 Coaching Session (60 mins) which includes movement screen, in depth goal getting strategy and nutrition plan.

  4. Start with me! So you can get on with being the best version of you!

Personal Training Benowa

Check out my availabilty and book in a session at my Benowa Training Studio. Please contact me to book In Home Sessions.

Deb Ellaway fitness trainer from Body Beyond 40 Gold Coast

Here are some frequently asked questions about my Personal Training Sessions

  • Exercises
    Core strengthening & muscle toning exercises perfect to tighten up your mum bum and tum. You will have access to Deb on Demand Workout library with new workouts added each week!
  • Nutrition
    An effective health and fitness nutrition plan to help you get amazing results without counting a single calorie! You will receive 3 recipe books including high protein, low carb and vegetarian.
  • Meal guides
    Follow our easy to follow meal guides to take pressure off having to think about what to eat. Shopping lists are also included!
  • A private group
    Join other mums just like you in this challenge. You'll be instantly motivated and encouraged!
  • Support
    I am in the support group every day answering questions, posting, supporting you, holding you accountable, sharing videos and more!

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. I'm here to support you every step of the way.

Client Love

Body Beyond 40 client

"Working with Deb has been the best thing I have done for myself! I only wish I found her sooner! My physical and mental health has improved so much! I’m a healthier and happier me! Thanks Deb! 😘

Sarah, Ashmore

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