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Train with me! for a workout especially designed for mums

What is your main goal?

Lose weight, Tone up, Increase muscle mass, Feel healthier?

Mums training workout exercise

Life is busy, and it can feel tough to train and squeeze in the recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity. Luckily, those sweat sessions don’t have to be long, nor do they have to be at the gym. Online workout subscriptions allow you to move your body and train from the comfort and privacy of your home.

The options for online workout subscriptions have exploded in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Working out at home saves the commute time to the gym and allows you a greater variety of classes than what may be available nearby. We’ve rounded up the most effective online workout subscriptions that can fit into your schedule and budget.

Fitness training classes for mums
Fitness training classes for mums

What Fitness Classes Are There For Australian Mums?

Whether you live in Sydney or Benowa, Ashmore, Bundall, Broadbeach,Mermaid waters, Carrara, Clear Island Waters, Surfers Paradise…

Being a new mum means you have barely enough time and energy to get yourself dressed in the mornings, let alone exercising.

Most mums’ biggest problems of not getting enough exercise post-birth is because they can’t leave the house without their baby, or after everything else there is to do they simply don’t have the motivation and energy to put on those trainers and get that butt moving.

Luckily I am willing to help motivate and guide you, by giving you the correct exercises to ease yourself back into a fitness routine.This can be a challenging time to get back into exercise as fatigue and lack of time and body confidence can interfere. I have two lovely girls myself so I know all about it!

“Where do I start?” is often the question I am asked. No problem - I can show you and work with you to get the most out of your available time to exercise. The result? Renewed strength and energy for family life and help with feeling great in your body again.

Whether you want to lose those few kg’s you gained during pregnancy or just want to get fit again, I propose classes online to help you achieve your goals.

Fit & Healthy Mums Online

mums training workout by Deb Ellaway
mums training workout

Are you struggling to get back to exercise after the summer break? Why not try working out at home? Deb Ellaway Fitness has a range of classes to suit you - whether you're looking to start training, getting in shape or looking for short fitness challenge either 28 days or 8 week fitness Challenge programme, we've got you covered:

- 28 Day busy mums Challenge, Designed specifically for mums to help you look & feel your best in just 28 days!

- 8 Week Fitness Challenge: Do you want to improve your health and fitness but also wake up everyday with lots of energy and an awesome mood?

- Fitness on demand: Check my online workouts that I've especially designed so mums can train in the comfort of their own home, when they want, where they want!

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